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Level 9 Our heroes last left off with Ezekiel having a delightful conversation with his old bugbear pal Zavick. He wanted Ezekiel

Level 8  The Election of 749 PGC (Post Great Collapse)  Vex Heights – Lord Brian Vagon the Acting High Council Member of

NPCs » The Kish » Claudia Claudia Dedaria (Human Kish Recruiter) Description: Claudia is a Female Human member of the Kish; she

Pantheon » Prime Deities » The Raven Queen The Raven Queen, Matron of Death Goddess of Death, Fate, & Winter Master of

Races by rarity Tools » Races » Races by rarity Click on Picture for Names & Title for Stats Common: Common throughout

Characters » NPCs Ezllia Marquez • NPCs Ezllia Marquez (Half-Elf Teleporting Alchemage) Description: Ezllia is an Afro-Latina Half-Elf Alchemage woman; she stands

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